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Make a Bigger Impact in Trade Shows

Make a Bigger Impact in Trade Shows

Trade shows are a vital platform for a trade marketing strategy, but surprisingly a high number of companies have very poor demos set up for such shows. Why do these companies present their products and services, which are actually good, so poorly? There are several reasons, but most companies have poor trade show demos because of lack of interest or poor understanding of trade show marketing. If you are planning on setting up shop at a big trade show, here are some tips to make a big impact.

  • Start with the right approach

Many companies get the basics wrong to begin with. If you want to make a big impact through a trade show, you need the right approach. A trade show is not a public demonstration, so the pitchers in your trade show demo should know when to stop. They should also ask the right questions in the right way. For example, they can as “What questions can I answer?” instead of “Do you have questions?” The latter is a close-ended question with just a yes or no answer. The second is an open-ended question that gets you more feedback from the person.

  • It is not about how many people look at your booth

The more people walk past and enquire about your booth, the more successful your trade show is- this has long been the rule for measuring trade show success, but it no longer holds importance. This is the age when targeted, one-on-one marketing is the norm and your trade marketing strategy needs an update. Focus on getting targeted traffic to the show by sending e-mail invitations and marketing your presence beforehand. Think about whom you want to see at the exhibition and target them.

  • Keep up the momentum

As trade exhibitions stretch on and reach their end, fewer visitors arrive and people in the booths start winding up, thinking that they have finished their work for the day. However, there could be some promising leads in those last few visitors. People serious about the show often come at times when people are less busy, and the last thing you want them to see is tired and disinterested employees closing down the booth. You should stay engaged and keep up the momentum until the trade show is finished to show that you are serious about growing your network and getting leads.

  • Train your staff

No matter how fancy your booth may be, you will not get enough customers or leads from a trade show if your staff does not do a great job. A good, well-designed booth gets visitors to approach you, but they will make their final judgment based on the staff. Make sure that your booth staff receives training about how to market your products at a trade show, meet the objectives, and maintain their manners and composure once they are there.


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    A lot of good points, for sure! It’s important to keep a modern mindset when it comes to trade shows! Technology is changing things all the time for us and it’s important to keep up!

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